Informative Speech Topics

This page is for people looking for Informative Speech Topics, or to find something new and interesting to inform the people about, or perhaps to seed a intelligent conversation.

We have here a plan for a better future. A future with more freedom than ever before. A future with much faster technology growth. An atmosphere of collaboration and sharing which will produce technology at incredible speed. A new society which will get the world's poor, which sit currently idle, working producing both products and technology. It will put the power to make decisions in the hands of the people. You can read all about it in the book Society of Conceivia. You'll learn that the system we use of electing leaders produces massive hatred, which leads to wars. You'll can learn why the system elects such poor leaders in the book Society of Conceivia, but here is the short form:

When people think of Democracy, they think of electing leaders, but electing leaders is only one form of Democracy. It is a form called Representative Democracy. It has two very big problems.

One problem with Representative Democracy is that the process of electing leaders usually selects the one who is best at tricking us. Liars and cheats are very successful in this system. We must judge who is the best candidate, and we are tricked by the one who is best at tricking us.

The other problem is that electing leaders creates hatred on a massive scale. The process of tricking us, often leads to tactics such as name calling, witch hunts, and destroying buildings or something and blaming others for it.

Consider 9/11 for example. Now, many would say that Bush wasn't smart enough to think of this, but just as an example, notice how much popularity Bush got from 9/11. Notice how much power Bush got from 9/11. The strategy of destroying a buildings or other gross violent acts have been used very successfully as a political strategy in the past, to gain popularity or power.

The book Society of Conceivia describes this much better, and has much more interesting information.

Here's another idea for Informative Speech Topics. Would Jesus be called a Liberal or a Conservative? Or Politically Left or Politically Right? Remember, Jesus was always extremely interested in helping the poor. Also, Jesus said in Mat 5:5 "Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth."

The concept city of EcoMajor a which will reduce waste and pollution to next to nothing, yet provide very low cost yet very comfortable living environment. It allows a much greater population density, yet provides 200 sq. feet of park space per person.

Yet another concept city in Conceivia, which would make an excellent Informative Speech Topic is the City of Independence. A concept city designed specifically around allowing the poor to achieve financial independence. Where the poor can have pride and self respect, because they'd be truly making it on their own without government assistance. There's many more Informative Speech Topics scattered all over my site.

Here's another informative speech topic idea. Search engines currently give all traffic to the big sites. Worse yet, most of the big search engines now require people to pay per visit for traffic. This means that people with extremely good ideas will never be seen. People who would give away free information, or free software, or something, are in the future going to be less likely to do so. People who are looking for work on the Internet, are not going to find it unless they go through a big site which will take a healthy commission. Most sites which give something away, do so to get a high ranking on search engines, in hopes of being the one collecting those commissions.

If you know anyone who is communicating with someone from overseas, who they met through a dating service, you might want to suggest to them that they do not use the interpretting service provided by the dating service. Just something suspicious we've noticed while running our own Russian interpretting business,, that sometimes we are contacted by men who want to use our service to talk to women they've been talking to through the interpretting service provided by the dating service they met at, we quickly find out that the women provided nothing but phony information, false phone numbers, false address, etc. It is as if the women are paid actoresses who pretend to like the guys, to scam them into paying for talking to them. That problem is much less likely if you find a interpretter who is not affiliated with the dating service.

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Creating the Society
of the Future

Creating the Society
of the Future

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom