Human Instinctive Language
and Dream Interpretation

Originated February 18, 1996
Written by Tony Bondhus

The idea of Human Instinctive Language is not really all that new of an idea. In fact the basic idea was around for thousands of years, and has gone by many different names. Names like "the Base Language", "Symbolism", and "The Language of Dreams" to name only a few. I have made up the name Human Instinctive Language because the name more accurately describes it.

Sometimes it is used for dream analysis and for psychoanalysis, but where it comes in most handy, is in your search for wisdom about the important things in life. In your search for understanding. It is a language that is present in our dreams, as well as in our everyday conversation. Words such as snake, blood, air, fire, alchemy, and many others, have more than one meaning. It would probably take an entire multi-volume encyclopedia to explain all the words. I will explain just a few of them to give you kind of a taste of Human Instinctive Language. I will also explain some of the psychology behind them. There are so many words and symbols to choose from, I will try to pick some that will give some useful information. Information that will help you with the day to day decisions of everyday life. Information that seems almost forgotten in our modern society.

Wolves and Werewolves

When we speak of the "wolf", we speak specifically of the "man-wolf" or better known as the "werewolf". Whether it be male or female, the werewolf is truly a creature to fear. It is a creature that is almost nothing like the animal that shares it's name. They do howl at the moon, but it is a different moon that they howl at. We are not talking about the moon in the sky.

The moon in this case refers to woman. It comes from the monthly intervals of the moon. Women have this same cycle. This does not mean that female werewolves are lesbians, just that the name came from the male version, which is more common. Don't worry, there are also female oriented names for werewolves.

Surely you know what is meant by "howling at the moon". Howling at women, is something that all men do to some extent, we all therefore have a little of the wolf in us. We do not, however run around calling all men wolves.

There is one other trait that gives them the name "wolf", perhaps more important than barking at the moon. That trait is the way that wolves hunt, often referred to as "biting at the heels". It is the Achilles Heel or Achilles Tendon that they are really biting at. Achilles heel is a name used for an inconspicuous mortal weakness.

Wolves or werewolves, which ever you wanna call them, seek out a mortal weakness in their prey. Their prey of course is women (or men), which they want to take to bed. The weakness that they use can be anything, here are a few examples: Waiting for a time of emotional weakness, such as a break up or preying on low self esteem by giving lots of complements. Many women will tell you that "there are always wolves biting at the heels", so when a weakness comes up, be sure that they'll find it.

There are other characteristics of the werewolf. The bite of the werewolf is legendary for the fear it installs in us all. It is written, anyone who is bitten by a werewolf and does not die will become a werewolf.

Even the bible speaks of two deaths. The one I speak of is the one that brings forth life. It is the passage through the golden gates to heaven or hell. It is the joining of a man and a woman. From the word "di" which means two, and "die" which is a tool for reproduction, as well as other sources more difficult to explain. It is refering to the joining of a man and a woman in marriage.

Anyone who is bitten by a werewolf and does not die, will become a werewolf. While the movies seem to treat this as if it's an absolute gaurentee, in reality it is only a strong tendency. People do have free will, but they still get into these psychological ruts.

You may notice that many of the charateristics of these creatures and other creatures of the night as well, are present in all of us to some degree. We all have a little bit of the wolf in us, for example.

Werewolves can only be killed by a silver bullet. Killed naturally refers to marriage. What exactly the silver bullet is I'm not sure. I can think of two possibles. One possible is money, like the "gold digger", but that doesn't seem correct. The second, silver represents the moon in the study of alchemy. A silver bullet therefore would be a very determined woman. This sounds correct, but it could be something else. It's important to keep in mind how far the person has sunk into the "rut". If a person is to far in the rut, nothing will bring them out. The old saying, a leopard cannot change is spots, applies here.

Vampires and Blood Suckers

The Vampire is the classic "creature of the night" referred to in common language simply as a "blood sucker". Blood sucker as defined in the dictionary as an extortionist. Extortion is a form of twist, as is twisted and twisting the truth. What it really means is using a twisted or immoral technique to obtain something. Whether by physical force, duress, torture, fear, or coercion, if it is used to obtain something that is undue, it is extortion. The term blood sucker can refer to any extortionist, but vampire refers to those who obtain sex by extortion. The term vampire refers to people in another form of psychological rut.

It is very common for people to get into these psychological ruts, and very difficult to get out of them.

Vampires live forever, in other words they don't usually get married, at least not for a long time. Vampires can be "killed" or married by the use of sun light. Light is understanding, and sun is the Son of God, but don't get conceited and think you can change a vampire. It takes far more "sun light" than you know. Maybe even more than I know.

Vampires can also be "killed" or married by, a wooden stake through the heart. "Wooden" in this case means the same as would, note the spelling difference. This phrase is referring to some kind of deed which "goes straight to the heart", but more powerful than that. It is some kind of deed which shows undeniable love. No, getting pregnant would not qualify as showing undeniable love. To many people, getting pregnant shows no love at all. Again, don't try this at home!

Vampires are afraid of the cross. "The cross" in this case is another name for marriage, as in cross breeding. Vampires are afraid of marriage.

Anyone who is bitten three times by a vampire, becomes a vampire. There are other legends but the end meaning is basically the same. The number 6 stands for sex, halving 6 or sex makes the number 3. Like with the werewolf, having sex (or halving 6) with a vampire tends to make you into a vampire, especially if it's your first sexual encounter. This is unfortunate, 'cause vampires tend to seek out virgins. Again, this is only a strong tendency, humans do have free will.

Vampires have a big problem with self esteem. They look fine on the outside, but on the inside they suffer from a very low self esteem. It is not so much marriage that they are afraid of, but love or relationships. They don't consider themselves worthy of real love. Having sex gives them a very temporary and very addictive feeling of love. Perhaps you've heard women complain about men who don't call back. They are afraid that if they call back, that a relationship will develop. Over time, they build high walls around their hearts so that no one can get close enough to them to start a relationship. Course, it's not just vampires that do that.

Vampires are the lying, cheating, manipulating type and they tend to destroy a person's self esteem when they "bite". Since low self esteem seems to be the cause of vampires, it is easy to understand how a person can become a vampire by having sex with a vampire. I call it a contagious psychological rut, because it spreads to other people. Werewolves are also a contagious psychological rut.

There are many more creatures in the Human Instinctive Language, describing many different types of behavior. A wise person would keep in mind that all of us are made up of more than one type of behavior. Perhaps you may have seen some of yourself in those that I have described so far.


As you have seen, in Human Instinctive Language, words are used to describe many things. They describe creatures, which can be a behavior pattern in one person, or it can be a behavior pattern for all of society. They can describe actual physical things, like man and woman. They can describe a specific thing or event in history, like Abraham Lincoln or Jesus Christ. Human Instinctive Language is all around us. It is in our everyday communication with each other. It is in our dreams. It is in books, and movies, and songs. Sometimes even an entire scientific field of study, is little more than an idea being communicated through Human Instinctive Language.

Alchemy is one example of this. It is from two words, the Arabic word al, meaning the, and the Greek word chemeia meaning chemistry or from the Arabic word komia meaning secret or hidden. It therefore means either the chemistry or the secret. Either way it means the same. It is not a chemistry, or a secret, meaning any old secret or chemistry, it is the chemistry or the secret, meaning the one of importance. The chemistry or the secret means love. Alchemy is the study of love. This meaning, however is occulted or hidden.

The word occult, means hidden from view. It is not a bad thing as people take it to mean, it just means that the meaning is hidden from us. That meaning, by the way is direct from the dictionary. Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (1916) says it best, "Hidden from the eye or the understanding"

Alchemist seek three things. Alkahest, elixir vitæ, and the ability to turn metals into gold. Gold is the ultimate goal. When I say that I am not referring to money. Money is only the ultimate goal of the foolish. The word gold is used to describe anything precious or valuable, as in heart of gold. If you think of the word goal and add a d to the end. Goal + d, or having goaled or reached your goal. The word gold then means the same as goaled, but you won't find that in the dictionary, not of course unless you look really really hard.

Gold in alchemy is the symbol for the sun. Sun, in this case, is not the sun in the sky, but the Son of Man, or Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the symbol for many things, but in this case it is a happy marriage that the Sun refers to. Both the ultimate goal, and Jesus Christ, refer to the same thing, which basically is a happy marriage.

Alchemist also seek the elixir vitæ or the elixir of life, also known as the fountain of youth. It is what the explorer Juan Ponce De León was looking for in 1513 when he came to Florida. This is not a liquid that prevents you from dieing. It is a fountain that helps to make new life. defines a fountain as "A point of origin or dissemination; a source" and water is defined as "Any of the fluids normally secreted from the body". A man or a woman who wants to have a baby would use the elixir vitæ or fountain of youth. With it, they can then have a baby.

The Alkahest that the alchemist seek is two words meaning the spirit or all spirit (The American Encyclopædic Dictionary (1899)). It is the Holy Ghost. It is what earth, air, fire and water, are made of. The water is the elixir vitæ, fire is strong emotion, air is the children, earth is the mother.

The study of Human Instinctive Language could bring you lots of valuable information, but only if you have an open mind. You can not try to justify your behavior or your beliefs. If you have done anything that you feel guilty about, it will distort your views. At the same time, if you are prejudice against certain types of people, that will also distort you views.

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