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Where the power of freedom is harnessed to make dreams come true at lightning speed. The way of the future is here. Soon technology will grow at lightning speed. Conceivia will provide creative people with what is needed to create. Inventors will be able to invent. Conceivia will soon revolutionize technology, science, medicine, and even the arts. It'll set people free to make their dreams into reality, and therefore bring forth technology many times faster than currently possible.

Look around you. I'm sure you know someone who has a dream, who just can't seem to accomplish it. Some kind of invention or something. Conceivia will give people the power to make those dreams come true. All this will be accomplished with the power of freedom.

Capitalism has its good points and bad points. Its good point is that it allows people individual freedom. It allows to some extent, the ability of inventors to invent, but it does not make it easy for them. In fact it tends to be only the rich who have that freedom, people who have little inventiveness. Conceivia will allow everyone the individual freedom to invent.

One of the problems of Capitalism, is it suffers from "The Tragedy of the Commons". That means that when we try to share a resource, like the planet Earth, we over use it. Each person tries to get as much as they can from it, until it is destroyed. A common example is where there's public land and anyone who wants to can graze animals on it. Very soon there's to many animals being grazed there and the land goes bad. If one person owns the land, he or she will will care for the land and avoid over grazing it.

Conceivia does not suffer from "The Tragedy of the Commons". The people of Conceivia will care for Earth and protect it. No more will the Earth's environment be destroyed. Technology will be created, produced, and distributed, which will greatly reduce our use non-renewable resources.

In Capitalist world, one tenth of the people produce almost all the green house gases.

In a Conceivia world, the Earth could easily support 100 times as many people as it does now. Each individual producing less greenhouse gases than primitive people in villages do today. Technology allows us to produce less greenhouse gases.

Previous attempts to free ourselves from the problems of Capitalism, in the past have led us to create societies which blocks individuality, blocking inventors ability to invent, requiring them to get permission from the community on all decisions.

Conceivia is an inventor's paradise. Not only are people free to make decisions, but they are also almost entirely free of the burden of working to support not only themselves but also the cost of inventing and bringing a new idea to market. In Conceivia people have freedom of time. Freedom to do the work which inspires them, rather than wasting their lives on robotic functions better suited for actual robots.

It'll set a new standard of freedom. Where rights are something everyone has, and doesn't need to be purchased. It's a place where even the poor are considered valuable assets to society, not treated like they are garbage. Where minority opinion counts.

We don't elect leaders, instead we use a new form of Direct Democracy. This is new system is a system which imitates a system which already exists in nature and has been proven by nature to be extremely successful. This is not majority rule. It is far more advanced than that. It is a system which gives power to the minorities. It is a system which promotes individuality and creativity, while harnessing collective power. A system which creates the ultimate in individual freedom, and equality. An atmosphere of collaboration.

You are a minority. You are an individual, in a minority group consisting of one person, you. Conceivia's system will give you real decision making power. Not power as a single vote diluted by the millions until it doesn't matter if you vote or not, but real decision making power. Such decision making power that in very many situations you will cast the deciding vote.

Ideas are created by individuals. Individuals are minorities. If you want technology, we must empower individuals to create. We must give individuals and minorities decision power. We must give inventors what they need to invent. We must give the people control over their lives, empower everyday people to make the decisions which will save the planet and make life better for all of us.

Capitalism is extremely bad at this, yet Capitalism is much better at this than the other systems of the past. It is this support of individuality which made Capitalism successful. We now have a new system, which makes Capitalism obsolete, and soon Capitalism will be gone forever. Replaced by a far superior system.

This is not just talk, we are setting up a real world community to make it happen. Once set up, it will quickly spread through the poor countries, empowering the poor, who were discarded like trash by Capitalism. In this new system, those people will be valuable. Poverty will soon be eliminated. People in poor countries, who have no other options, will flock to our communities, because we offer luxurious living. Far better living than can be offered by Capitalism.

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Creating the Society
of the Future

Creating the Society
of the Future

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom