Crime and Spirituality

We are a free society. Our people are completely free to any religions beliefs they wish. They will not be treated unfairly for any beliefs.

While one is free to choose their faith, there is also an influence which society places on one. It is not an intentional act of coercion, but rather an unavoidable result of the pressures of society. In Capitalism, those pressures are towards self interest. They pull people away from unity or oneness. Capitalist society pulls people away from the natural harmony of life. Taking away the feeling of belonging, and leaving them feeling empty and alone.

In Conceivia, the influence is toward that natural harmony of life. Toward oneness. People will have a feeling of belonging here. They will feel they are part of something. Like they are part of one big happy family. People will love their neighbors like they are family, 'cause they will feel like they are family.

Conceivia was born out of the idea that all life on Earth is connected, forming one large living organism, one gigantic family. All life is connected and we have a natural desire to feel ourselves "one" with the global web of life.

In Conceivia, there is no intentional push for this "oneness", but rather it is a side effect of this form of society.

Capitalist Society has stripped us of our benevolence (inclination to do good). We have been trained by reward training to want only for the good of oneself. The money motivation system trains us to be selfish. That pulls us away from your caring about others. That strips us of our benevolence

When you place people in an environment which is unhealthy, some of them get sick. The environment we live in, is our society. Capitalist Society is unhealthy for our minds. It is self centered, non-connected. People don't even know what I mean by non-connected.

Capitalist Society rewards self interest. Look after your own self interest, and you are rewarded with higher income. Our system of using money to motivate, teaches people to be greedy, by basic reward training. That breaks the connection, or the oneness.

All life is connected. Many long for this connectedness, and seek it through religion and spirituality. Others seek it through nature, and going camping or whatever. What they are looking for is that connection.

The connection is the realization that you are one with society and the Earth. It is that which makes you want for the common good, not your individual desires. It is the feeling of being part of one big family. The feeling of belonging, and being loved, and being important.

I'm not talking something spiritual, or fantasy world. I am talking real world human instinct. We all have it to some extent. We all hurt when we see a complete stranger die or in extreme pain.

It is the unhealthy environment which causes crime. That and desperation, from poverty. Eliminate those, and crime will be almost non-existent. There'll still be some crime. Some police will be needed, but it'll likely be a much more boring job.

We do not need to seek an artificial glue, through man made religion, to hold our society together. We have the real thing. We have natural human instinct to be one with us. That is our glue.


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Creating the Society
of the Future

Creating the Society
of the Future

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom