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There are many people in the world who already believe in similar forms of society. We can harness that, to form a gigantic network of collaboration. A network which will not only help us get this new society going, but will also greatly assist in other experimentation on forms of society. Something, which is desperately needed in our world, with the environment on the verge of disaster and oil near running out, among other things.

This is a plan to create a world wide movement and network. A world wide network of mutually beneficial collaboration.

My idea for a new society is just one idea. We really need to be testing a whole bunch of new society ideas. To test a new society, it is a fairly simple matter of creating a new community with that plan for society. That community needs start up money and a source of income to keep going. If we make it easy to get a source of income to keep a community going, it reduces the amount of start up money needed and greatly improves the chances of success.

The people are desperate for a solution. There are a whole lot of people who think fairly similarly, who want to see this type of society created. Money is needed to make this happen.

We must not think of money as the enemy, we can do much good with it. We need money to get the ball rolling. Money is not evil, it is only the use of money to motivate which is bad. Money is nothing more than a tool to gain collaboration. A tool to get people to help. We can get some of that collaboration in other ways, but we need money too.

We must get that money from people who don't want to give any money. How do we do that? By exchanging it for work. Find work for the poor people in our communities, and suddenly we have the money we were looking for. Sell products which our communities create, and suddenly we have money we were looking for.

A fair percentage of the people in the World would jump at the opportunity to give us money, if they didn't loose their own money in the process. If we offered these people the choice, sort of like taking away money from the Capitalists, and giving it to our communities and companies, they would jump at the chance. Some might even pay some of their own money along with it.

How do we do that? There are about 15,000 people working in worker controlled companies in Argentina, and many other sources of products as well. Conceivia communities will also produce products which will be sold through this network.

Buying a New Pair of Blue Jeans
Option 1:

Capitalist Brand Name

Option 2:

Benefits a Worker Controlled Company

Stimulates growth of the movement

Helps eliminate world poverty

Helps us bring world peace

Helps us save the environment

Shows you care

Same price, same quality, and looks identical

Which is better?

If we make it very easy for people to find products created by these worker controlled companies and other communities, we in effect allow people to take money which would have gone to the Capitalists, and divert it to our cause. We can accomplish that with a web directory/search engine.

Why do we care about helping all these other communities and worker controlled companies? It sounds odd, doesn't it. We are not Capitalists. Don't think like a Capitalist.

Conceivia is of the philosophy that by helping others, we help ourselves. By helping these other communities and worker controlled companies, we help Conceivia. We create an overall change, in the general direction of Conceivia.

Conceivia has a system which is very similar to these other communities, with one very special difference. Conceivia, due to its unique system, which allows individual decision power, will produce technology at an incredible rate. Where these other communities seriously lack, is the ability to produce new technology and find new sources of income. Connect Conceivia's rapid technology development with the sheer man power of these other like minded communities, and what do you get? A rapid explosion of growth.

With the connection, Conceivia gains access to a wealth of existing machinery and skills. A wealth of existing products and services. A large network of collaboration.

We have a problem of being tied to Capitalism, like a giant leash. We can create a new society under the umbrella of Capitalism, but Capitalism will hold it back. To break free, we must pull together. We must draw mutual support from others. We do that with our network.

To break free from Capitalism, we need self reliance. We need to produce everything we use. We do that by becoming a very large world wide community. The closer we get to that point, the less harmful effects Capitalism has on our society. If you look at the picture below, you'll see the purple arrows show the circular flow we need.

In flow of money, always pretty much equals outflow of money, however, if that outflow is directed toward building new homes and new equipment, it means growth. If we don't need to spend money on food and other needs, we will have that money for growth.

Growth comes from two main factors, both of which are basically logarithmic in nature. They start slow and then speed up to extremely fast. Remember, the people are hungry for this. All they need is to see a system which actually works, and they'll swarm to our side.


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Creating the Society
of the Future

Creating the Society
of the Future

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom

Empowering the people with equality, direct democracy, and freedom